Our first blog post


Today we attended our neighbor Kimberly's birthday party. She is now this many. (That's 4 if you can count fingers.) She had a Hannah Montana jumper. We did not go in the jumper. However Roger did shamelessly allow her to rub his belly for birthday luck. I think he just thought it felt good. Then we did our best to find scraps of pizza and nacho cheese Doritos. They also had some spicy
Doritos, I did not care for them. Roger will eat anything!

I also tried to catch a bird and told Elliott my next door neighbor (a doxie/yorkie mix) to take a chill pill. My human, Terrie, is trying to figure out if Elliott is on the verge of tunneling out of his back yard, or if I am tunneling in... we will not tell her.


This is a picture of us as Terrie is working on the blog.
We have full artistic control. Woof at you later.